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Exercise may unfortunately cause injuries particularly as we get older which is often frustrating by preventing us from being active. These injuries can often be related to the way we move ( our Gait). Our gait is simply the biomechanics of how we walk or run in three main axis. 

If you do have abnormal biomechanical movement, it will often cause strain or abnormal load on the bone, ligaments and muscle which control our gait.


Studies show that the lower limb accounts for around 40% of injuries, of these aproximately 80% percent are due to overuse related to poor technique, over training,poor structureal alignment and incorrect footwear. These injuries include; heel pain, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shin splints calf muscle tears and achillies tendonitis.


An experienced sports podiatrist is an integral member of the sports medicine team when treating complex lower limb injuries. An efficient and well aligned gait through muscle rehabilitation, orthotic prescription and good footwear advice is essential for the successful treatment of lower limb injuries.

We are active members of the Australian Podiatric sports medicine and Australian Sport medicine Associations which provide excellent up to date information and courses.


Experience Matters

We have been involved in sports medicine, sports footwear and orthotic design for over 24 years, we know foot function has a direct effect on the body function and efficiency. we have an acute understanding of athletic injuries and the downtime associated with slow treatment outcomes. The key to successful treatment of lower limb injury is finding the biomechanical casue of the problem/injury and formulating a treatment program.

The key element in our treatment programs is follow up and effect of treatment.


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